Discover the Secrets of Wine
in the Langhe Monferrato

At "L’aja della Mirusina", the wine shop represents a journey into the heart of the Piedmontese wine tradition, an experience that goes beyond the simple tasting. As Salvador Dalí said, "True connoisseurs don’t drink wine: they taste secrets." Here’s what awaits you in our wine shop: a unique opportunity to discover the secrets and stories contained in each bottle.

A Meticulous Selection

Our labels have been carefully chosen to offer you the best of the territory. You can taste the prestigious Nizza DOCG and Alta Langa DOCG, accompanied by rare gems of the Langhe Monferrato. Each wine is an open window on the traditions and innovations of this rich and generous land.

An Accessible and Convenient Experience

Our wine shop is designed to offer you maximum comfort. Thanks to our webapp, you can order your favorite bottle from the comfort of your room or while relaxing by the pool. A service designed to make your experience even more enjoyable and uninterrupted.

More than a Tasting, a Journey

Visiting our wine shop means embarking on a journey through the flavors and scents of Piedmont. Each sip is a story, a discovery, a moment of connection with the earth and its history. We invite you to sit back, relax and let us guide you in this sensory adventure.

Every Sip a Story: Travel through the Piedmontese Flavours

A "L’aja della Mirusina", the wine bar is a place where wine is the protagonist, an experience that enriches the stay and leaves an indelible memory. Come and discover with us the secrets of Piedmontese wine, in an atmosphere of elegance and passion for quality.