What a better way to start the day than with a healthy and hearty breakfast?

In a pleasant lounge with a wonderful view overlooking the Langhe and Monferrato hills, you may enjoy a super breakfast with fresh, local 0 km, home-made produce.
Our breakfast is compesed by local 0 km products which are from Piedmont mostly. High quality croissant, white and black bread, focaccia.. We can not miss homemade cakes, pies, salad cakes, with seasonal products.. Natural marmelades with low quantity of sugar realizaed with seasonal ingredients. Fruit juices, teas and herbal infusions selected from the well-known Dammann Frers, cappuccino and coffee with fresh Piedmont's milk. Cold cuts and selected cheeses...You can taste Cuneo's raw jam PDO and Roccaverano's robiola PDO.
...but we can’t tell you everything, there’s so much more to discover… We are waiting for you!