Start your day
at "L’aja della Mirusina"

means waking up with a breakfast that is a real tribute to the flavors and products of the Piedmontese territory. Imagine sitting in a cozy room, kissed by the morning light, with a breathtaking view of the hills of the Langhe Monferrato. Here, you will enjoy a breakfast that celebrates freshness and authenticity, a moment of pure pleasure to start your day with energy and good mood.

Local and Home Made Products

Our breakfast is a journey into taste, where every bite tells the history and tradition of Piedmont. High quality croissants, black and white bread, fragrant focaccia, homemade cakes, tarts and pies with seasonal products... each element is carefully selected to ensure freshness and quality. Our natural compotes, with low sugar content and seasonal ingredients, are a hymn to simplicity and goodness.

For Tea and Coffee Lovers

For tea lovers, we offer a wide selection of the best Dammann Frères essences, a journey through aromas and flavors that will delight your palate. And for those who can not give up coffee, our cappuccino and coffee, prepared with fresh Piedmontese milk, are the perfect choice to start the day on the right foot.

Selection of cold cuts and cheeses

Our breakfast also includes a selection of cold cuts, cold cuts and selected cheeses, including raw Cuneo DOP and robiola di Roccaverano DOP. A taste experience that will allow you to discover the unique and unmistakable flavors of our land.

Fresh Fruit, Yogurt and Seasonal Jams

For a touch of sweetness and freshness, our breakfast also includes delicious yogurt, fresh fruit and delicious seasonal jams. A delicious way to add color and vitality to your first meal of the day.

At "L’aja della Mirusina"

breakfast is not just a meal, it is an experience that awakens the senses and prepares the best for a day full of discoveries and adventures in Monferrato. We are waiting for you to live this unique experience, because some things... must be tried to be believed!

Breakfast at "L’aja della Mirusina" is much more than just a meal

is a ritual that celebrates the beauty and richness of the Piedmontese territory. It is a moment in which taste, tradition and quality meet, creating an unforgettable experience that awakens the senses and enriches the soul. By concluding your breakfast with us, you will feel not only satisfied and satisfied, but also more connected with the land and culture that make Monferrato such a special place. We wait for you every morning to start together a day full of discoveries and wonders.